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   Qingdao JuShengDe Co.,Ltd locates at the glamorous seaside city--Qingdao Economic & Technical Development Zone, which has the beautiful natural environment, convenient transportation, humanitarian policy and the advantage of location.

   Qingdao JuShengDe Co.,Ltd is a high-and-new technique enterprise specially producing and selling new materials of nitride series .The main productions are: silicon nitride, ferro siliconnitride, aluminium nitride, manganese nitride, chromium nitride,Alon,Sialon,fire-resistant silicious marl and so on..

   Principal properties: I.Fine corrosion and erosion-resistance, thermal shock resistance, wear-resistance; II. Fine disintegration resistance, rather stable chemical ingredient and thermal conductivity. III. For containing nitride, this product possesses the properties of little expansion ratio, high thermal conductivity, high degree of firmness, non-contractive when heating up. IV. High intensity and durable. V. Under high temperature, an oxide film will develop on the surface, so as to protect inner material from being affected by chemical reactions.
   The main productions of Si3N4 and FeSi3N4 are not only late-model refractory materials,but also as new-type materials in modern industry widely applied to engineering ceramics, delivery gate of puddle furnace, acid resistance industry and alkali proof industry.

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